The Bridezilla

The Other Brides-to-be

Posted on: February 13, 2009

I found some other blogs which are written by Malay brides-to-be. There are a lot! They all write the same thing on their wedding-related-blog, the wedding stuff. It makes me think that, I am not alone.

Some of them are getting married in March, some in next 2 months and even next 10 months.

Most of them make their own bunga pahar and doorgifts. It makes me wondering, why can’t I ‘do-it-myself’ those thing?

I would love to DIY those stuff myself but..

  • I prefer to buy them. I am supporting the economy. Malays.
  • i am not creative enough
  • i am afraid i would ruin things
  • i am too lazy to make it
  • i think the cost to make it myself is a bit lower than to buy it. i think i better off buying it. -___-

ps: Brides-to-be.. Ready.. Get Set! GO!


3 Responses to "The Other Brides-to-be"

hey, you’re getting married!

only one month to go. good luck!


hi xeea! thanks~
i tried to find any wedding countdown in your blog but i couldn’t find any. Bila kawen?

i’m happily married.
baru je. =)

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