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The Printed Cards

Posted on: February 13, 2009

Finally, I got the printed invitation cards from the agent. He sent them as soon as he received it by post.

There was a small error on the map though, so the agent gave me a RM10 discount because of that. I couldn’t say anything much, I accepted the discount and will think how to deal with the error later. The error: “Stesen Keretapi” was written “Stesen Railway Keretapi”.

Ok, I admit. I was the one who wrote the “Railway” on the map but then I changed it to “Stesen Keretapi”. The thing is, I placed the correction word “Stesen Keretapi” directly on the word “Railway”, so it became “Stesen Railway Keretapi”. Understand? No? It’s ok. -___-

ps: The error is so small so I shouldn’t be mad. Right?


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