The Bridezilla

The Marriage Leave

Posted on: February 17, 2009

I just changed job and yesterday was my first day working in Axon Solutions, Bkt Jalil.

As for new joiners, the leave issue will be the first question in mind – especially me. We were told that we will be undergoing a 6-week training which will end in the end of March. I am wondering if I could apply my marriage leave during the training. -___-!

ps: I can’t escape my own wedding. Or else, my Mom will kill me!


4 Responses to "The Marriage Leave"

yakin boleh hehe.. mesti dpt lama atau x jak lah yg x pasti kan.. hopefully kamu dpt cuti ;p

hehe.. ye! yakin boleh! minta awal senang la kot nk lulus. masalahnya, sekarang ni training. jadi kalau amik cuti, nnt ter-miss la plak kelas nye.


Errmm.. tu lah.. risky.. dekat2 nk kwen, nk tukar job… so cmna? Dh apply? Berapa lama mau cuti?

dah apply, approved suda~ selamat.. keh2

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