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The InnerShine

Posted on: February 18, 2009

I’ve been consuming the Brand’s InnerShine for 3 days now. One Berry Essence in the morning and one Prune Essence at night. Of course, there will be no instant effects. And no, i don’t look pretty like Camelia or Nurul Syuhada yet (the InnerShine spokepersons) -___- haha~

But one thing I realized, after I took the first Prune Essence, the process of eliminating the ‘output’ is easier on the next morning. For the record, I am having problem with this ‘output’. I don’t cannot do the process everyday. They just don’t wanna come out! -__-

ps: And the Prune Essence tastes darn sweet that i couldn’t keep my eyes open when i drink it.

The Berry Essence contains vitamin A, C and E so it is good for the eyes. I am not aiming to get beautiful eyes, but i will be happy if it can help my eyes stay moist and healthy all day long. My work needs me to stare at the screen in long hours, so.. i am kinda damaging my eyes -___-

ps: The Berry Essence tastes super sweet too, but yummie!

Thanks to Win who gave me a dozen of Berry Essence as a present. Love you, Win!


4 Responses to "The InnerShine"

wah dasat2..dedua twus..dok pk2..nak minum mana satu..haha..

win hadiahkan Berry jadi aku beli Prunes, sebab tulah dapat dua. nnt bila dah sengkek. satu jele kot. haha

Hikhikhik 😉
Susah nk tengok instant result.. ntahlah kTny try berry tu, sekotak.. tp mata nmpk cm letih jugak..

Yuppp!!! Perut tak tahan.. masam!!!!!!! 😦
Cmna Eida kata sweet? Sour=yes! 😀

haah, tapi okla jugak.. dari segi psikologi, kalo kite mnm tu kite kononnye cantik, nnt kt rasela.. “ade la nmpk cantik sket kot lps mnm InnerShine~”


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