The Bridezilla

The Weekend

Posted on: April 27, 2009

Everybody loves weekend, i think. Me love~ ^__^Checked my account, got the salary! It’s shopping time~

  • we went out to Mines and I get a hair treatment (first time in my life) and haircut. The outcome? Not so impressive. I rather do it myself at home using any treatment cream sold at the stores. huh~
  • i bought new shoes. The one Win gave me for hantaran is torn, i think it’s not strong enough to handle the way i walk -___-
  • win bought me a Sloggi! uuuu~ *girls know what sloggi is*
  • win bought me the slipper i want! It’s Scholl’s new product which actually feel the same as we are wearing Crocs but with half price!

Bahagianya saya~ kalaulah saya tahu kahwin ni best~ dah lama dah kawen…


2 Responses to "The Weekend" ek kawen.
hi. i stumbled upon ur blog time tgh2 carik info psl nk kawen.
thank. byk ilmu nk prepare i dpt πŸ˜›

hehe, best woh kawen. tapi kalo kene pada gayanya lah πŸ˜›

glad that this blog helps orang yg nak prepare tuk kawen. sebab dulu pun masa nk prepare mmg blur gileer

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