The Bridezilla

Not So Open House

Posted on: October 8, 2009

Win invited some of our friends to come over to our rented house this Saturday night to have dinner. Two of our neighbours are getting married and going to move out by next year, so this is kind of farewell party for them too.

I plan to cook the simplest dishes for the dinner, Chicken Soto and Chicken Rendang. Let’s hope things will go well – hope I can cook edible food -__-

Meal for 8 pax:

  • Do we have a table big enough for 8 pax? 6 pax can eat on the new dining table :P. Win and I can eat on the sofa.
  • Do we have enough plates and glasses? Yes.
  • Do we have a big enough pot to prepare the soup? No. So we’ll use whatever we have. Haha.

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